What can we build for YOU today?

Artificial Light, Inc. makes getting a custom iPhone application for your business quick, simple, and affordable. Our talented team of designers and developers will work with you to design, develop, and deploy your iPhone app. Artificial Light is your entrance to the App Store, and it’s never been easier. A custom iPhone and iPad app allows you to extend your brand and generate new revenue streams with ease. With over 100,000 apps currently available for download, it’s becoming a key market.

  • Design Consultation

    Design Consultation

    Your app starts with an idea. What we’ll do, is listen and understand what your vision, goals, and concerns are for your app. We’ll take a look at any material you have, and then we’ll work towards a solution. At the end of this stage, you’ll be presented with a detailed proposal, including mock-ups, timelines, and a budget.

  • App Development

    App Development

    The Development stage is where your app is born. Our designers will ensure your app is pleasing to the eye, while our developers will make sure it all works properly. We’ll test your app, we’ll error check it, and once we’re satisfied we will send you a version of the app to review. Once you’ve given it a look through, and approval, we get to the final stage.

  • App Store Submition

    App Store Submition

    We turn over the keys! This is where we submit your app. Apple takes the quality of their products very seriously, and as such, have a very strict approval process. But don’t worry, we’ve done this before. When Apple has approved the app, it’s placed on the App Store, and ready for the world to download.